Shop FAQ

Calendar Shipping

Calendar Shipping Time

  • USPS flat rate shipping takes between 1 and 3 days from time of shipment to US locations.

  • Calendar orders will be accepted until December 5th 2018. Printing, production of custom blocks, packing and shipping will take place first two weeks of December with all orders being mailed no later than December 15th

  • Pending available initial inventory, limited orders will ship at the time of purchase.

Fine Art Print Production and Shipping

  • Photos are printed on demand and take 1-2 weeks from order date to shipment.

  • Prints are shipped USPS priority mail with tracking number to US Domestic locations only and take 1-3 days from time of shipment.

Gift Shipping Available

Gift shipping is available through the store. Just let me know to ship to a different address at checkout


Each base is handmade from raw natural materials and thus will vary from photos depicted on the shop. If your base breaks in shipping or you are unhappy, send an email to


Returns, refunds and exchanges on items damaged in transit or other assorted problems can be submitted with documentation to


Wholesale pricing and arrangements are available upon request by emailing