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Street Conversations


In forgotten corners and abandoned doorways live unspoken evolving conversations between street artists. My photos are a snapshot in time on an ephemeral and ever-changing public creation. If you are into street art, be sure to check out my Graffiti Doors calendar!

Please note, all orders are shipped via USPS priority shipping to US domestic locations only. 

Bases shown here are no longer available for purchase from 9999 Bananas. Should you require a base, I highly recommend the products available at TheHeartDepartmentCo.  The square dowel stand is elegant with extra support and the basic print and calendar base is perfectly sized and comes in a variety of colors.   If you prefer to display one calendar page at a time or just the postcard image, they also offer a wide range of fun and colorful base shapes and sizes!

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Street Conversations 2020_Page_01.jpg
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Additional Info

This year I have abandoned the idea of selling wooden bases with the calendars. Instead I recommend checking out Etsy sellers like The Heart Department who sells a number of cute bases for paper products of varying sizes.