You Can't Always Gey What You Want. Buy If You Try Sometimes, Well You Might Find, You Get What You Need

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There are tons of studies that show social media makes people feel lonely. The constant comparison to others has a nasty way of shining a mirror on that secret doubt in all of us that thinks we’re not good enough. It amplifies that hidden feeling we are squandering the gift of time or somehow not living to our fullest potential. 

And while I admit it gets to me sometimes, the benefits and ease of communication on Facebook and Instagram far outweigh these downsides. They are the perfect programs because I value my relationships above anything else and really get a kick out of viewing the human condition in all forms. 

So while friends have come and gone in intensity based on geography and life circumstance, I’ve stayed in virtual contact with truly awesome people. I really enjoy following along with everyone’s life progress, trials, heartbreaks and watching their families bloom and grow.

And last week this very virtual network delivered an awesome surprise. To be honest, it’s been hard to process how the internet crowd sourced over $1,000 to send MY stupid ass to an intensive career counseling seminar!! 

To say I was blown away doesn’t begin to cover my astonishment that my former professor, old summer camp friends, grad school/college/high school buddies, kickball acquaintances and both  recent and old coworkers took the opportunity to tell me they believe in me. It’s hard to describe the feeling of it all and I’m still marveling that friends as far away as Peru and London contributed! While some saw this as a chance to repay me for past generosity in celebrating their own life milestones nothing beats knowing it’s also because lots of folks think I have untapped potential.

And then there was Mr. PJ — the organizer of this kooky endeavor. He is by far my most selfless friend and put this together from the goodness of his enormous heart. For as long as I have known him, PJ has always put the needs of others before himself. He was my dependable designated driver, the guy that left mix cds in my mailbox the night my grandfather died, and drove to a house party in New Jersey with an inflatable bear that has become a reoccurring inflatable character in my life. For certain I would be a very different person if I had never met him! 

So sincerely to PJ…. and Erin, Kelly, Drew and everyone else that donated to a random Facebook message, THANK YOU. You ALL turned me into a weepy pile of gooey love filled messy gratitude. 

I promise to not take this gift for granted!