Unemployment Day 1


A lot of you lovelies have been inquiring after me and, even though I have no job, I’m somehow finding it hard to keep up with responses. Since I am doing a half-ass method of staying in touch…here’s the highlight reel:

1. It’s only been a week. (And I was paid 5 days vacation, so technically it doesn’t even count.)

2. After dealing with 2015, losing my job seems like an emotional cake walk. Plus, loads of you people have been laid off/fired and survived. I’ve already received a ton of good advice, job board websites, computer shopping guidance and sympathy beers. By contrast, there wasn’t a ton of practical experience or tips for “I was hit by a cab on the same day my fiancé walked out.”

3. The world is a literal HOT mess and at this point, I am just grateful for a roof over my head, a relatively safe home with clean running water, my health (and what remains of my insurance), free time to wander outside NY in spring, my education, and my family. Everything in perspective, right? Have you seen a video of Sudan or Syria lately? We are so fucking lucky.

So anyway…

A lot of your questions have been asking WHY I was laid off. The reason given was lack of new business from their largest client with unfavorable projections for the next quarter. Totally reasonable and I saw it coming. However, I also have a personal theory that this lack of work stems from that client’s risk aversion to an orange flaming pile of shit currently running our country…but that’s clearly a controversial biased unsubstantiated opinion.

The end result is I find myself 39-3/4, single, and for the first time since I was about 10, 100% unemployed. I’ve got two months of severance, one month of health insurance, NY state unemployment, some meager savings I managed to put together since I got a big girl job, my 2016 tax return and sheer hustle. Given that I live in one of the most expensive areas of the country and unemployment checks fall $500 short of even covering my rent, that affords me roughly 4 to 5 months to find a new permanent gig with health insurance before I crawl back upstate with my 40 year old tail between my legs.

Despite what I said above, this can obviously sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Tonight (after a few glasses of wine), I decided writing and sharing my thoughts was as good a therapy as any. Plus, it’s free! Hence dropping some words on this blog.

Stay tuned for updates!